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Jeannie Cullins

Hair Stylist & Professional Colorist

This colorful journey that I call my career began a long time ago.  I started college at a very young age. It began with my love of art. While in school, I became immersed in color. I was intrigued by sculpture, lighting techniques, and shadowing.  I decided to take a risk by taking that education and combining it with the beauty industry. I became a stylist.

Discovering this art form transcended my passion into an amazing blend of doing what I love and having a career. Hairstyling allowed me to create a beautiful artistic collection by blending each client’s individuality into a beautiful work of art. I see each client as a canvas. I love to style and create based on personality, lifestyle, bone structure, hair texture, and skin tone. It is hard to believe, that 20 years later, I am even more passionate about this incredible industry.

I crave education. There are many weekends a year that I will be in a class, teaching a class, or commuting to industry shows.  The beauty industry is ever-changing.  I have committed myself to education since I was fifteen years old, I will never stop growing, learning, and bringing new and innovative techniques and ideas to the studio.  I can’t wait to see my next client and begin their new transformation.

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Jeannie Cullins